Nether Currie Primary School

Currently under construction by parents and staff.

Welcome to Our School

Nether Currie Primary School is on the outskirts of Edinburgh, in the south west of the city. Edinburgh is the Capital City of Scotland in the United Kingdom. The school was built in 1961 and lies at the centre of an attractive housing estate with the majority of children living locally and able to walk to school. Our pupils are in 7 classes from Primary 1 to Primary 7, covering the ages 4 to 12. Most children move to the local secondary school - Currie Community High School - after Primary 7. Our very good links with the High School ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible. We also work closely with Juniper Green and Currie, the other two cluster primaries.

We have a large playground with plenty of room for children to play a range of games. Extensive grassed areas with picnic tables are also enjoyed by pupils whenever possible, as well as a climbing wall, climbing ropes, a tunnel, and access to the woods and play area in Muirwood Park.

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