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Primary School


Primary School

Our School
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P1 Registration

Our School

Head Teacher’s Welcome

The staff and pupils at Nether Currie Primary School are delighted that you have chosen to send your child to our school and we all welcome you into our community.

Nether Currie Primary School is a non-denominational primary school in the South-West of the city of Edinburgh. We have a current roll of 178 children from Primary 1 to Primary 7. In August 2020, Nether Currie Primary School will include the addition of a brand-new nursery which will offer all-year round provision for 64 three and four-year-old children.

We have a strong sense of community, both within the school and out in the local area and we are fully committed to helping our children to become the best people that they can be.

Our staff team works together to provide a safe, nurturing environment where every child, and their family, are valued as individuals and where diversity is celebrated.

The principles of the Curriculum for Excellence are at the heart of our practice and we believe that our children benefit from having opportunities for personal development, becoming involved in the ethos and wider life of the school, as well as experiencing high quality teaching and learning across all areas of the curriculum.

We look forward to getting to know you better and beginning our journey together at Nether Currie Primary School.

Kirsten Johnston
Head Teacher

Vision and Values

Our Pupil Voice Group, “Who Do We Think We Are?” is currently leading on a piece of self-evaluation work regarding our vision and values.  We hope to have a new vision statement and new school values by the end of this session.

Our school rules fall under three categories which everyone at Nether Currie holds dear:

Kind, Respectful and Safe

Term Dates

School Term Dates (City of Edinburgh Council)

2020 / 21 Schools Calendar (City of Edinburgh Council)

School Day

Our school timings for P1-P7 are as follows:

Monday – Thursday

Morning bell: 8.35 – 8:45am (A-L Surname) / 8:45 – 8:55am (M-Z Surname)

Break:  10:30 – 10:45am


(P1 & P2) 12:00 – 12:45pm (Mon – Wed), 12:55pm (Thu)

(P3 – P7) 12:15 – 1:00pm

End of day:

(P1 & P2) 2:40pm

(P3 – P7) 3:15pm


Morning bell: 8.35 – 8:45am (A-L Surname) / 8:45 – 8:55am (M-Z Surname)

Break:  10:30 – 10:45am

End of day:  12 noon

Staff Team

We have a dedicated team of staff who are all committed to ensuring that they make the very best impact on our children’s lives.  The current staffing arrangements are as follows:

Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher: Mrs Kirsten Johnston

Principal Teacher: Mrs Lynette Ozbey

Business Manager: Mrs Nicola Mowat


Administrator: Mrs Marion Milne

Teaching Staff

P1: Mr Steven McHarg

P2:  Mrs Christine Lister (Mon/Tues) & Mrs Sarah Spiller (Wed-Fri)

P3: Mrs Julie Gill (Mon/Tues, alt. Fri) & Mrs Susie Drummond (Wed/Thurs, alt. Fri)

P4: Mrs Alison Baker

P5: Mrs Pauline Nicol

P6: Mrs Lynette Ozbey & Mrs Rabia Begum

P7: Mr Michael Main

Support for Learning: Mrs Lyndsey Maitland (Tues am, Wed/Thurs pm)

PE: Mrs Elaine Cooper (Tues/Wed)

Pupil Support Assistants

Mrs Gail Lynch (Mon-Thurs)

Mrs Lesley Scott (Mon-Wed)

Mrs Helen Scrimgeour (Tues-Thurs)

Mrs Nicola Skinner (Mon-Fri am)

Miss Louise Grant (Mon-Fri)

Mrs Lisa Mitchell (Mon-Fri pm)

Mrs Marie Dunn (Mon-Thurs)

Visiting Teachers

Violin: Mrs Kirsty Miller

Brass: Mrs Sarah Storrar

Facilities Technician

Mr Norrie Fusco

Kitchen and Cleaning Team

Mrs Theresa Mitchell

Ms Heath Main

Mrs Jennifer Denoon

Mrs Debbie Paden

Important Documents