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Primary School

Primary 7

Curriculum Overviews

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Your teacher has posted in our new Online Learning Portal. You should now have received login details by email. Click here to log-in! No joke!

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Guten Morgen Primary 7!

Welcher tag ist heute? What day is it today?

Heute ist Dienstag.  Today is Tuesday.

Welcome to Choosing Tuesday, where you have a few choices to make.

Your first choice is for your Short Burst activity. Would you rather write a dialogue for picture 1 or 2 or choose Spicy Chilli and do both. Using speech marks, write about the conversation that is happening in the picture of choice.

Animal Town- What is the conversation that is happening here? Remember to use 66 and 99 and that your speech marks hug all of the words which are being spoken and also the punctuation at the end of a sentence. Can you create a picture showing what a scene in the supermarket might look like in Animal Town.

Dragon Eggstravaganza! Oh yes! those eggs are appearing again today, although not quite as tasty as the previous variety. Write about the conversation between the girl and the baby dragon. Has she just taken it out of her rucksack or is she about to put it into her bag? Can you draw, paint or make a collage of a magical Dragon Egg? How does it compare in size with a hen’s egg?

Eggsiting Eggy Spelling

Yesterday you read a whole selection of eggsamples of eggy words.

This is how you would usually spell them. Choose 5 words, find and write their definitions.

Example     Extravagant     Extraordinary     Exhausted     Exchange     Exclusive External      Exaggerate        Exceed               Except          Excellence    Exact

Type in ex spelling words into your search bar on your device.

Now go to Spellzone – 

Go to free games – It’s the football icon – Press one player

Play the eggsellent game Egg hunt and crack the eggs. Turn down the volume if the cheeping is cracking you up or if you are working beside someone else. 

You might like to choose one of the other games to play here.

Here is a wee reminder of something else that I enjoyed with you last year. I loved watching our chicks hatching and how you enjoyed caring for them.

The eggy spelling game reminded me of them.

Eggy Maths

Are you eggsited that there are more eggs to come or are you feeling a bit eggsasperated???

Choose one of your Maths squares from either your Maths Home Learning wall or your Maths wall extra. How are you getting on with your maths booklet? You can choose a page in there too. 

Try the following 5 A Day next. Remember to write down your working out.

Use a variety of strategies to solve the problems. You might have to do more than one calculation to solve some of the problems.

  1. Tom worked in the local Greengrocer shop. They had a new delivery of eggs. They received 36 boxes of eggs. 

Each box contained 42 eggs.

Sadly 4 of the eggs were broken.

a.How many eggs were there altogether? 

b.How many eggs could Tom sell?

c. Each box of eggs would cost £4:80

    How much money would Tom make if he sold all of his boxes of eggs?

d. Egg sales were going well that day and Tom sold 4/6 of his boxes of eggs, how many boxes did he still have to sell?

e. As it was almost closing time, Tom decided to have a sale on his eggs. He sold his last 4 boxes of eggs for 25% less than the original price.

How much did he sell each of the 4 boxes for?

Well done Alexander, Lewis, Iona k and Tilly, I spotted you at the top of the leader board on Sumdog early yesterday morning. Keep up the good work!

After all of that talk about egg cartons, you might choose to go to Egg carton portraits.

If you have an empty egg carton (please ask an adult first, before emptying the eggs out of a full carton) you might like to make a self-portrait with it. Watch the clip carefully and you can stop it at each stage so that you can complete each part. I will look forward to seeing how you get on.

If you don’t have an empty egg carton, you might choose to make a paper rabbit using strips of paper. You will find an explanation of how to do this below:

Monday 30th March 2020

Good Morning Primary 7!

Sending you Happy Monday Wishes!

Yes, it’s time for Monday “Making your Mind Up!”

Have you ever heard of the group Bucks fizz? Can you do some research to find out who they were and what they did? You might like to have a look at their Youtube clip

 YouTube Bucks Fizz Making your mind up

Start today by writing your opinion of the video, how does it compare with more recent clips from one of your favourite groups? Think about the clothes, hairstyles, dance moves, make up and style of music.

State your opinion in your opening paragraph. (remember an opinion is not a fact and that it is okay not to like something as it is your thoughts about a particular thing)

Your next paragraphs should back up your opinion by giving reasons for your opinion.

Remember to add a conclusion. Your conclusion should quickly restate your belief and some of your reasons for your opinion.

I would really love to hear your thoughts about Bucks Fizz, especially about the dancing techniques. Just remember that during this time when we can’t get to a hairdresser, if you see one of your parents coming towards you with a big bowl, you may end up with a well known style from this time, the “Bowl Cut.”  You may choose to grow your hair instead, like the singers in Bucks Fizz.

Right, let’s move on now that we have had a look at a different genre of music than you would probably listen to. How about some quiet reading time? Keep going with your reading group novel and if you finish that, you can read other books which you have in the house or you might like to download the ebooks from the library. How did you get on spelling library last week, I’m really hoping there were no berries sneaking into that spelling.

As another option for a quiet time, you might like to try one of the audio books where you can listen to a story. If you like David Walliams stories, he is reading every day at 11:00 for 30 days. First up is The Terrible Triplets and you can listen to him on his website. You might like to watch Newsround too, today.

It’s Crème Egg Eggstravaganza Time!

You knew it was on its way!!!

It’s going to be eggstremely fantastic, I am eggstatic about it and knew without any eggsageration the eggcitement you have been feeling over the weekend about eggsecuting the eggsact answers for our problem solving. Eggshale carefully with some of our eggstravagant breathing eggsercises on our school Home page, no eggscuses, just eggsamine the eggsamples carefully, like the eggsperts that you are and eggsecute using a variety of strategies which we have been learning in class. After eggsecuting all of the eggsamples I really hope you are not too egghausted as you know you now are eggspected to check over your answers or you could eggsplain them to someone in your house.

Anyway, enough of that eggsplanation, let’s crack on and I hope you know eggsactly what to do. If you have forgotten how to complete a calculation, have a look back in your jotter for previous eggsamples or refer to the Fractions and Percentages chapter in your textbook.

Remember you can highlight the important information and get rid of the eggstra information in a problem.

This is a photograph which I took in Lake Annecy in France when some of the staff went to Lyon to improve our French. It was a shop window which we were admiring. If you look carefully, you can just make out the reflections of two other teachers who were looking at the eggs too. Who do you think it was?

  1. ¾ of the eggs on the display were tied up with green spotty ribbon. There were 36 eggs altogether. How many eggs had green spotty ribbon?
  2. 2/5 of the eggs on display were milk chocolate eggs. 

There were 55 eggs altogether.

How many eggs were milk chocolate and how many eggs were plain chocolate?

  • Sadly, the chocolate shop had to close down because of Coronavirus.

They offered some discounts off their chocolates. Calculate how much you would spend on each product. (change to common fractions)

  1. 50% off £3:20 Rabbit
  2. 75% off a giant egg at £36:40
  3. 25% off chocolate bars at £2:50
  4. 2% off Crème eggs at 50p
  5. 10% off large Chocolate Easter Ganache cake at £40:00
  6. 15% off a bag of mini eggs at 40p a bag

Spicy challenge

  • Mrs Nicol ate 2 Crème eggs on Tuesday, 1 on Wednesday and 2 on Friday. On Saturday she dropped a Crème egg on the floor and was devastated because it had to go in the bin. (ps do not try this at home as it is not very healthy and you might end up looking like a Crème egg on legs!)

She followed this routine for 2 weeks. Mrs Nicol is a Crème egg dunker.

She only had time to dip 2/5 of the eggs which she ate, into her cup of tea.

How many eggs did Mrs Nicol have altogether?

How many eggs did she drop on the floor?

How many eggs did she dip in her cup of tea in the 2 weeks?

How many eggs did she dip in her cup of tea in one week?

After this eggsellent fun, you might like to try a square from your maths wall, then your Sumdog Challenge or Dyslexia Gold Tables game.

Look out for more eggsiting eggy fun this week!

Have you tried any Mindful colouring over the last week?

Maybe you would like to have a go at one of the P5-7 eggs on the School website or create your own drawings of a beautiful egg. Don’t forget to send us some of your work, I am loving seeing what you are up to.

Here is a fantastic Marble Run which was made by Kirsty. Well done Kirsty I hope you had fun timing your run and had a marble handy too. Did it take 6 seconds to travel along your run? If you haven’t tried this yet you can always use a crumpled paper ball if you don’t have a marble.

What an absolutely brilliant Good Morning! Tap dance choreographed by Iona B. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it Iona. You must have watched the video carefully as you managed to incorporate some of the moves into your dance. I loved the finale and gave you a huge round of applause. Excellent and so very well done, I hope you enjoyed it too!

If you haven’t been in touch with me through the website yet, is there anything which I can help you with or anything that you are finding difficult?

Have a lovely Monday. All the best.

Mrs Nicol

Friday 27th March 2020

Good Morning P7 and a very Happy Friday to you all!

How are you all doing? What colour would you check in as this morning in your zones of regulation?

How were your Russian Twists and Plank Down ups yesterday with Joe? Only one shout out to Scotland, let’s see if you can change that next week.

Today is Freitag 27th M , I wonder what happened in history on this date?

27th March 1871 in Sport

1st international rugby union match – Scotland 1, England 0 at Raeburn Place, Edinburgh

27th March 1952 in Film and TV

Singin’ in the Rain”, musical comedy directed by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen, starring Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds, premieres at Radio City Music Hall in NYC

Good Morning! Good Morning!

Have a look at this clip from the Musical “Singin in the Rain.” I wonder if you can keep up with their tap dancing for your exercise this morning?  I wonder if any of you can try to re-enact and take a photograph of yourselves doing the Raincoat scene or any of the other scenes from this song. Please don’t tip the sofa over though!!! 

Come on be brave. Who is up for a bit of choreography this morning? I would love to see your dances. You could always try Just Dance this morning for a change in routine.

Literacy – A possible suggestion for today would be to complete your story from yesterday, read over and then improve it. Have you added capital letters for all sentence openers and Proper nouns, used an interesting opener with an ing, ly or ed ending, included some interesting connectives? If you have completed all of these parts of the success criteria, you could choose 3 of your adjectives and up level them using a thesaurus. 

What secret talent did your magic man have? Take a photograph of your story and send it in as I would love to read what happened.

A fresh activity for today might be to choose a square from the literacy wall, for example, Summarise. You can do this with your group novel, the class novel or a book of your choice. Try to have a little quiet time each day reading in a comfy space. You could read to your brother or sister or a family pet too.

We would normally check our spelling on a Friday, so if you can get a member of your family to read out your 6 words while you write them down, that would be great. 

Maths – Keep up with your tables revision on Sumdog and Dyslexia Gold, are you getting faster at remembering the answers? If you haven’t completed the Sumdog assessment yet, now is the time to try that or perhaps an activity of your choice from the Maths Home Learning wall.

Science – Earth Hour is on March 28th at 8:30pm

As this is tomorrow, you might like to try the Science activity on your STEM wall today.

During this hour, we try to turn off as many electrical appliances as we can. Make a list of everything in your house that uses electricity. What could you switch off that you don’t need?

Complete your task, then choose an activity which interests you from BBC Bitesize.

I am definitely going to switch off the Wii for the evening, as it doesn’t seem to matter how much I try, I always seem to be last in Mario Cart, in my family. Which is your favourite character and fastest vehicle, have you got any tips for me??? I’m not giving up though, I’m going to keep on trying.

Maybe I will try a card game instead on Saturday. Any recommendations for us all to play?

Wishing you all a very happy weekend, stay in your homes, but be creative and think of some activities which you will all enjoy together. (in between all of the handwashing!) Do anything which will make you smile.

  Take care all, best wishes.

Mrs Nicol          

Primary & Photo Wall for Today

 An Excellent Lego Challenge

Your wee lego man doesn’t look to happy to be in there Isaac, but he’s in an excellent flying saucer! I hope you enjoyed your spacecraft challenge and thank you for sharing your pictures. 

Did you enjoy your eggless pancakes? Hope they were delicious…….Send in any recipe which you have enjoyed making too, others might like to try them. Let’s get a P7 Bake Off going!!!!

Thursday 26th March 2020

Guten Morgen Primary 7!   Donnerstag today! Let’s hope the sun shines for us today!

What have you all been up to? Any more photographs to send in yet? It’s a lovely way to stay in touch and it makes me smile seeing what you are doing? Has anyone made a cosy corner to sit and read in or have some quiet time in?

I wonder if any of you are participating in the appreciation of Health workers and carers tonight at 8:00pm. If you would like to show your appreciation for all of the people who are helping our country,  in this pandemic, open your door at 8:00pm and give them a huge round of applause.

Literacy- We would normally start a Thursday with a writing task. You could choose one of the following tasks. Remember to use Paragraphs / Vocabulary / Connectives / Openers / Punctuation / Read Over and Up-Level.

Perfect picture!

Think about an amazing trick which you have seen or heard about. Maybe you could learn one or perform one in front of your family. Write instructions telling someone how to do your trick.


Story Starter

He held them with his mind. He controlled them….. The chairs swirled around him, dancing as if held by invisible strings. He practised on chairs, however his powers allowed him to manipulate things far more complex than that…..

Can you use this story starter to write about the man who could do magic?

Primary 7 Photograph Gallery for Today

Have you got any interesting pictures to share? We would love to see what you have been doing.

A beautiful picture inspired by a walk up Ben Vorlich. Lovely colours in the blue sky  and a great Scottish scene to imagine you are visiting there. Maybe we will be allowed to go there soon. Well done Iona K!

Has anyone else set up their zones of regulation ?  Remember to be kind and think about how other people might be feeling in your house. Delighted to see nobody is in the red zone at the moment . Keep checking in at different intervals during the day.

Reading – Curl up and enjoy a book of your own choice, read a newspaper or a piece of research online. Read and try out the instructions for a card trick.

Maths – Is anyone having any problems with calculating the surface area of a cuboid?  Use the formula from yesterday or your cuboid net to help you. You need to calculate the area of the front, top and side and double them to find the surface area.

Start today with your Sumdog Challenge. I’ve added a competition too, so let’s see who is at the top of the leader board today. Fantastic effort from Sam, Lewis and Lucy who were at the top of our board on Tuesday! Congratulations!

Try another of the worksheets in your booklet, then go on and use the multiplication part of Sumdog or the Times tables game in Dyslexia Gold.

Assessment – There is an assessment set up in Sumdog for you. See if you can complete this before Friday.

PE – We would normally have PE today, choose one of the activities that were on the list yesterday. Joe Wicks at 9:00, Yoga, playing outside, a walk outside? Have you got any tennis , badminton , football , basketball games which you enjoy?

Expressives/Stem – How about trying the Engineering STEM challenge today? How can you make your marble travel for exactly 6 seconds?Remember to plan, build then test and improve your marble run. Send in a photograph of your invention!

Have fun! Thinking of you all.

Mrs Nicol

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Guten Morgen Everyone!

Mittwoch already, which day comes after Mittwoch?

I hope you are up and out of those PJ’s and ready to rise and shine and have a busy day. I loved seeing the picture of the Star Wars team busy working yesterday. Your art work was excellent!!


Let’s start today with our Daily workout with Joe Wicks on Youtube.

Are you enjoying it?  We would normally start a Wednesday with PE so you might like to go on and do some yoga. You can try Yoga for Kids or Cosmic Yoga if you are working with younger brothers and sisters. Have fun outside in your garden if you have one or you might like to set up a circuit of exercises inside. You can find some ideas on the next slides. This is something which you can do daily to keep you active and healthy. Exercise will keep you feeling good physically and mentally.

It was lovely to see photographs of some of you out enjoying exercising in your gardens yesterday.

Literacy /Spelling

Use your 6 words from yesterday to complete some of the spelling activities which we do.  Choose an activity which you think will help you to remember how to spell the words accurately. Check your spelling of the words before you begin. Can you think of a different way to learn your spelling which you can share with us all?

Try writing your words in the soapy bubbles if you are helping to do the dishes. Not a berry in sight!!!

Reading / Writing- Today you might like to try one of your tasks from the literacy wall, for example, the Definitions task. First read the next chapter of your reading book, then complete this task.

Maths – How did you get on yesterday with your cube hunt around the house?  I wonder what the largest cube surface area was that you were able to measure. Did anyone create the paper cube in coloured paper?  I would love to see any photographs of your creations. Please send them to the Email on the website. 

Today you can start with a short burst of multiplication using either Dyslexia Gold or the Multiplication activity on Sumdog.

Next you can try one of your worksheets out of your Maths booklet and possibly a square from your Maths grid.

 You could repeat the Cube task around your house today but change it to cuboids. Find 5 and calculate the surface areas.

Below are links to some other suggested activities. Have Fun today! Thinking of you all.

Best Wishes

Mrs Nicol

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Guten Morgen Klasse,

Wie geht es  dir? (How are you?) You might reply Mir geht es gut, danke. I am well thank you. Can you remember any of the other responses?  You can search Google translate if you have forgotten. How did you get on yesterday? I hope you had a good day.

Our day, date and month for the top of your work today is

Dienstag, vierundzwanzigster Marz

Wy not start each morning with Joe Wicks who is live on Youtube at 9:00am each morning?

Soft Start – If you would normally start the day with Dyslexia Gold, try and keep up that habit every morning before doing anything else. If you would not normally start with Dyslexia Gold you can try using your log in for Dyslexia Gold as there is a Times Table game which you can be working on each morning. You can try this or use Sumdog to revise your tables. Go into the multiplication section. If you do not have access to a computer then you can time yourself writing the tables and try to beat your times. Work on the tables which you are not finding so easy to remember quickly. Do the stations (2,4,6,8…), the multiplication (0 x 2=0) and the division (4 divided by 2, 6 divided by 2). Try to set aside a quiet time where you can read a book of your choice for a while.

In our spelling this week, we are working on the sound “ary” Ask someone to read out the 6 words so that you can try to spell them.

1. estuary  2. military   3. library  4.ordinary   5. missionary   6. salary

Use a dictionary to correct your words, then highlight 6 on your sheet and write the 6 words you need to work on in your jotter. Use the 6 words in the context of a sentence using the following Success Criteria.

Interesting Opener use ing ,ly or ed words/ Adjectives/ Punctuation (Remember I not i)/ Use the connectives however or as well as/ Ambitious words (use a thesaurus)

 Once you have completed your sentences , use the Success Criteria to help you to read over and up level your sentences. 

Reading- Read 2 chapters of your book. Find 3 words which you do not know the meaning of. Find and write the definition of these words.


How did you get on yesterday with your cubes task? Hopefully you all have a lovely new dice ready to use on your maths wall for extra challenge. If you were not sure how to make the triangle with the compass, you can refer to the diagram on the next page. Did anyone complete a lovely hanging mobile for their room? Try one of the other Maths challenges today. If you finish that you might like to find cubes around your house. Measure the length of one edge and use it to calculate the surface area of each cube.

The formula you need to use is   Surface Area = L squared x 6.

Did you complete the Rainbow challenge?

Now try  something from the Expressive /STEM activities. Remember short bursts and have a break in between.

Thinking of you all. Best wishes.

Mrs Nicol

Monday 23rd March 2020

Guten Morgen Primary 7!

Wie geht es dir?

Can you think of 2 different ways that you could answer that question in German? Can you write today’s day, date and month in German words? Think of the song Januar, Februar………. Can you write the months of the year and remember how to spell them? Check your spelling online if you can and sing along to the Youtube song.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and that you are wide awake and ready to start learning.

You may like to start your day by making up a timetable for your week like we talked about in class. I’ve written down some of your ideas for you to use. Now is a good time to try something new on the list, who knows you may enjoy it more than you think……. Have a look at the list of activities  which are in your pack. Remember to think of other people who are in your house when planning a noisy activity.


You might like to start each morning this week with Joe Wick’s workout which is on at 9:00 each morning on Youtube.

After that you can try one of the writing activities on the literacy extra sheet (possibly writing a newspaper article about a current news story which you have been listening to).

Remember to think about your Success Criteria for a newspaper article and to add colourful illustrations or diagrams.  For maths today, you could try the activity to make the net of a cube using the squared paper in your maths jotter. If you Sellotape your net together you can add numbers to create a dice. This can be used for the activities on your maths wall (extra) for additional challenges. You could also go on to do the first page in your maths booklet. Add some reading to your day, an activity from the STEM / Expressives wall and watch Newsround if you can.

Remember to take a break and maybe do some exercise. You might like to join in the Rainbow Challenge this week. Draw, Paint, Build a rainbow from Lego / Junk or make a collage picture. Once you have finished your creation pop it in your window so that children in your neighbourhood can play I Spy the Rainbow as they go for a walk. I look forward to seeing your creations when I am out for a walk. There will be a different theme  to work on each week. See if you can spy my Rainbows if you are passing.

Enjoy this strange Monday, I am missing you all already!!

Best Wishes

Mrs Nicol