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Coronavirus / Covid-19 Home Learning, Guidance for Parents and Carers


Guidance for Parents and Carers

Firstly, thank you for your patience and support while we navigate the pending school closures. As we know you will appreciate, this is an unprecedented event that will take time for us all to get used to. However, collaborative working within our school community, using all available technology, will help us to help you support your child’s learning in these challenging times. We also understand that all families have different circumstances, and learning undertaken at home will therefore be at your discretion.

Our school website will be the main way we will communicate important information with you about your child’s learning.  The link for our school website is: We will also use Twitter to communicate updates and important news.  Please follow us: @NethercurriePS

Regular updates will be made to our new school website regarding home learning. Our staff will be uploading learning grids, activities and learning challenges to your child’s class folder.  There will also be some fun activities available for all ages in the folder called “All Classes.” We encourage you to check the Home Learning section every day to see if there are any new updates uploaded by your child’s class teacher. If you would like to get in touch with your child’s teacher, then please email the admin mailbox at: and we will direct your email on.  Please remember that staff will be working throughout normal school hours and will respond to your queries and requests as soon as they are able to.  It is important for us to look after our teachers too and would respectfully ask you not to contact them in the evening.  If you require an urgent response, please mark your email for my attention. 

Where should I start?

Your child’s teacher will provide guidance on what your child needs to work on and may direct you to work on certain activities at particular times. This will change as time passes, and so regular communication will be important. You can expect to hear from your child’s class teacher regularly both to check in and also to offer advice to support learning. This will be available on your child’s class page inside the Home Learning page of our website.  Please refer to the information given out by your child’s teacher to get started.

We recommend putting a routine in place as early as possible. Children benefit hugely from a consistent approach. Make time for other things, like play, exercise, and some appropriate chores to help out around the house. We have prepared an example timetable for what this might look like, but it is entirely up to you. It is vital to look after everyone’s health and wellbeing, especially when self-isolation means that families spend large amounts of time together in the house. New hobbies or challenges can be a very effective way to maintain good behaviour and happiness.

How long should I spend working with my child?

Short chunks of focussed practice are the most effective way to help your child make progress with learning. We are recommending that parents spend two or three short periods of about 20 minutes per day giving children learning input. Appropriate amounts of additional time can then be spent by children working independently to complete tasks to help embed learning. The time spent will vary depending on the age and ability of your child, along with your own practical arrangements and so discretion is required.  This is just a suggestion.

What should I focus on?

At this time, we recommend that all children focus primarily on literacy and numeracy. Home learning will, therefore, focus on these curricular areas with a variety of other curricular areas also supplied. Try to avoid becoming pre-occupied by the volume of work being completed, and instead try to focus on the learning taking place.

What resources are available?

We have supplied your child with a toolkit containing jotters, a pencil, textbooks, reading books, workbooks and additional learning sheets.  In addition to this, we have listed a number of other weblinks which you may find helpful in supporting your child’s learning at home.  These can be found on our website.

I have included the Edinburgh Learns Teaching, Learning and GIRFEC during School Closure Guidance for Parents and Carers which has been put together by the City of Edinburgh Council.  I hope that you find it helpful.

In the meantime, I understand that you will have many unanswered questions, but I hope that over the next few days we will be able to give you further information.

For now, take care, stay safe and kindest regards,

Kirsten Johnston

Head Teacher